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Welcome to Liberate Breakfast, a website about how the nutrition and lifestyle advice that we have all taken for granted is not enabling us to be our healthiest and happiest selves.


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! IS IT REALLY? This is a common saying that 99% of people accept as a truth that is absolute.


Hi, I’m Michael, founder of Liberate Breakfast. I have spent all of my free time and most of my scheduled time over the last few years looking into myths like the truth about breakfast. I’ve found that the average malaise of societal norms has led us down a misguided road as a species. That road has allowed certain industries to blossom and companies to flourish.




It has led to a general decline in health and happiness in the average citizen.


Here at Liberate Breakfast not only do we discuss things like how to enjoy bacon and eggs regularly…


for dinner.


But also how you can arm yourself with the tools necessary to spot these accepted norms and buck the system that is built on a week foundation.


Join me in Liberating Breakfast from its arbitrary timely constraints. In the process liberate yourself from the blind masses and start taking control of your body, health, life, and happiness.