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It’s Time For A Long Term Solution To Lifelong Problems

The average diet and workout program all try the same things that fail.

They force you to drastically transform into a new person in a matter of days so that their draconian system can make you hate yourself and your body more than you previously thought possible.

The Liberate Breakfast Method (LBM) to physical success is not something you can find anywhere else online or in the world for that matter. It is a highly individualized progressive program to maximize the three aspects necessary to create a better body; exercise, nutrition, and sleep.

The workouts you perform, the meals you eat, and the rest you get will create hormonal shifts in your body that will make you stronger, leaner, and more energized.

A Process That Ends In Habits

Your workouts will be tailored to your preferences.

Finding a routine that you can stick to on a daily basis is the first priority.

You will be training your body to expect certain stimuli daily.

Through consistent exercise your body will start pumping more of the hormones that make you stronger, faster, leaner, and meaner (actually the opposite, you be nicer and more social. But that doesn’t rhyme with leaner.).

The best part about this methodology is that it’s sustainable for a lifetime.

There is no extreme makeover! This is your life, the LBM will make it the most enjoyable and healthy life possible.

Your new diet lifestyle will throw all common nutrition advice into the garbage.

This system has taken the latest knowledge from the best nutrition science research and put it into a framework that maximizes your body’s natural processes.

Big business in the food industry has been funding research for a hundred years with the goal of tricking you into buying more of their products.

That stops now.

You will be learning exactly how to feed your body the way way it wants.

You will be armed with everything you need to start eating the way for which your body was designed. From rules on how to buy food, make food, and eat to rules of thumb on how to avoid common pitfalls and temptations. 

Your daily rest, also known as sleep, will be your new best friend.

Society has pushed sleep lower and lower in priority every year that you age.

The truth is you are not as capable as you could be when you lack proper rest.

Tracking sleep and instituting methods to ensure you are getting restful sleep will take your body progress further faster than you thought possible.

There aren’t many people that are going to tell you to take a nap and workout later. That may just happen though, if required.  

Click bait Is For The Fishes Not Humans

The majority of programs just get you spinning your wheels.

Are you tired of being forced to live the definition of insanity everyday without results that stick?

It’s time to take a step back to look at your life, body, and motivation.

Realize that the cookie cutter plans on popular fitness websites weren’t designed for you.

Leave the click bait behind, it’s time to do something that is made for you that will free up your mind to focus on problems that matter to you rather than wasting effort on frustration with your body and life.

Your Journey With An Invested Guide

When striving for a change in our lives it helps to have someone guiding us. Through weekly email debriefs and twice monthly video chat sessions all of your questions will be answered.

No more stalling in progress and not knowing what to do.

I’ll be with you throughout the whole process.

The ultimate goal of this program is to instill confidence in you to continue with your new lifestyle and body without outside intervention.

If you’re still a client a year later it is only because you love seeing my beautiful face every other week, NOT because you lack the tools, knowledge, and experience to continue on your own successfully.


For more information fill out the  contact form below. I’ll get back to you ASAP and we will get this ball rolling.