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Effective frequency and its effects on your gains.

The more you hear something the more you are likely to believe it, especially if it is not in your area of expertise. Effective frequency is preached by all great marketers. Its basic premise is the more you are exposed to something, the more likely you are to believe it. In the world of marketing this leads to conversions and profits. In the world of diet and nutrition this leads to a lot of bad information circulating, also companies making profit off of the fad diets and false claims.

Gluten is bad for you…

Red meat gives you cancer…

Alcohol makes you fat…

Detoxing your body is necessary…

Eat often to stoke your metabolic fire…

Dark berries will make you smarter and immortal…

Which of these have you heard before, which do you believe, which are correct?

I’ll put an answer key below for all of these.


Muddying the waters

The point is that you’re probably confused. That’s because there is a lot of information out there that is misleading, misguided, or just flat out wrong. Even if it’s all 3, it might still get repeated over and over again because it makes a good headline or is an easy response to a tough question.

Just more muddying of the waters

Question everything you hear and read, especially when it comes to diet and nutrition. There are few areas of society where so much is always changing and being challenged. Nothing is written in stone. More importantly, there is nothing stopping anyone from putting out an article or video saying that if you want to truly cleanse your digestive system you should eat sand to act as an abrasive and scrub the inside of your organs. That is nonsense, but there is no regulatory agency that can prevent a major news source from publishing it for the ratings.

There’s kind of a beautiful Darwinian dichotomy at play here. Only those of us that are capable of thinking for ourselves and challenging accepted truths are able to thrive completely in society. There will always be sheep–that’s how humanity works. Without sheep, bold thinkers can’t exist and spread their ideas.

Step out of the crowd.

Think and challenge. Pull the news and information you want. Don’t allow mass media agencies and big corporations to push the information they want to you.



Gluten Bad?

There is no cookie cutter answer for this. What are your body goals? How’s your immune system? Read this and think for yourself.

Red Meat = Cancer?

This is inconclusive. Is it a risk you are cool with? I am. Read this and think for yourself.

Alcohol Fat?

The answer again is, eh–maybe but it depends on you. Do you love to binge drink? Does drinking cause you to eat more than you normally would? Are you a rampant alcoholic with abs? Read this and the linked studies and think for yourself.


This one is actually BS unless you have Heroin in your system. Read this and help the woefully uneducated from wasting their money on $20 juice.

Stoke Your Metabolic Fire?

Your metabolism is much smarter than you give it credit for. Funny what thousands of years of evolution will do. Eating six times a day may yield great positive effects for you, BUT stoking some metabolic fire is not one of them. Read this and accept science.

Berry Flavored Fountain of Youth?

Ponce De Leon is gonna be pissed! Not really, but dark berries are super good for you. Just don’t go snorting them like cocaine 17 times a day. Read this and be slightly pleasantly surprised for once. I had to end on a good note.


Blueberries won’t drown you…

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